Manifesting Magic with the Moon

Jessica Dimas
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Start manifesting magic with the moon. Each lunar phase carries a specific energy with it that completes the full cycle of everything that's  needed for manifestation to occur.  

For each lunar phase, there are 5 planning sheets to help guide you through the energy of that particular phase. Set intentions with the New Moon, take inspired action with the Waxing Moon, release and receive with the Full Moon, and heal and make space with the Waning Moon.

What's included:

- How to Use the Worksheets

- New Moon Intention Setting Worksheet

- New Moon 2-page Journal

- New Moon Ritual Guidance 

- New Moon Oracle/Tarot Spread

- New Moon Resource List

- Waxing Moon Daily Morning Worksheet

- Waxing Moon Now is the Time Worksheet

- Waxing Moon Crystals and Activities Guidance

- Waxing Moon Ideas and Inspiration Checklist

- Waxing Moon Oracle/Tarot Spread

- Full Moon Release + Receive Worksheet 

- Full Moon 2-page Journal 

- Full Moon Ritual Guidance 

- Full Moon Appreciation List 

- Full Moon Oracle/Tarot Spread 

- Waning Moon Heal + Make Space 

- Waning Moon Daily Morning Worksheet

- Waning Moon Cleared House Cleared Mind Checklist

- Waning Moon Ritual Guidance 

- Waning Moon Oracle/Tarot Spread 

Also included for your convenience is a yearly moon calendar (CT). This moon calendar is updated every November into your account for the following year at no extra cost to you. 

>> PLEASE READ: This is a digital product. No physical product will be mailed. All sheets are in PDF format. <<

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Manifesting Magic with the Moon

83 ratings
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